Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Remembering Enrico Simonetti

Enrico Simonetti was born on January 29, 1924 in Alassio, Liguria Italy. He lived in Brazil from 1952 to 1961 before returning to Italy and having his own television show, 'Excelsior', with great success.
His masterpiece is undoubtedly the famous music composed for the 1975 TV seriesGamma’, directed by Salvatore Nocita, which held the #1 spot on the record charts for many weeks, also in that same year he recorded Blue Frog. A musician of exquisite taste, Simonetti was also a great presenter and a lovable entertainer, able to elicit tenderness in adults and children with more interest in his 'tales' on the piano, which he played masterfully. He’s remember, in this regard, for such successful programs such as ‘Il signore ha suonato?’ (1966), ‘Lei non si preoccupi’ (1967) and ‘Aiuto è vacanza’ (1969) with Isabella Biagini, ‘L'amico della notte’ (1977) and ‘Non tocchiamo quel tasto negli’ in the 1970s. He slso headed the orchestral ensemble in several TV shows such as ‘Senza Rete’ with Ornella Vanoni, Canzonissima 1972 in 1972 and two in 1973 with Loretta Goggi and Alighiero Noschese. Subsequently he conducted the orchestra in the ‘Scuola serale per aspiranti italiani’ conducted in 1977 by Anna Mazzamauro .
Simonetti, also appeared as an actor in several films, including “Una ragazza tutta d'oro” in 1967, “Amanti” (1968), “Grazie... nonna” (1975) and in 1978 “Ridendo e scherzando”, which is his latest film and of which he is also the author of the soundtrack. In Euro-western music he appeared in the RAI made for TV movie, “Non cantare, spara” (Don’t Sing, Shoot) in 1968, along with Mina, in the role of a saloon pianist saloon. He scored the Euro-western “Bad Kids of the West” in 1973
Enrico died in a Rome clinic, from complications following surgery to remove a tumor in his throat.
His son Claudio Simonetti followed in his footsteps with great success, first in the 1970s with the band Goblin, especially when collaborating with Dario Argento for the unforgettable leitmotif of the film “Profondo rosso” (1975), and occasionally appearing with his father, and then as a composer of widely appreciated soundtracks.

Toay we remember Enrico Simonetti on what would have been his 90th birthday.

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