Saturday, January 25, 2014


Root Studio is the reality of three young people who have decided to collaborate in the production and distribution of comics and literature. Taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a networked society, this study aims to meet the demand of many readers who want new ways of accessing quality content. The main objective is to offer a unique product and easy to explore new forms of marketing.
Serialized digital comics, which combines the frames that we all know of the great stories set in the Wild West, with the particular vision of the authors: Thanks to this concern "Scar" is born. The narrative is set in an unreal space, marked by violence, where it explores such universal values ​​as the desire for revenge and the need for forgiveness. The script that gives rise to the story is the work of Daniel M. Parra, with a modest tour in the editorial and audiovisual world. The quality of the drawing is the result of the talent of Michael M. Barber, who has been awarded the first prize in comic competitions on more than one occasion. All this would be in vain without the coordination that has been made by Francisco J. Rojas, who has been able to unite and organize all available resources, obtaining the best possible results.
And without further ado, we invite you to discover the first chapter of scar.

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