Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who Are Those Guys? - Harry Berber

Harry Berber was born on December 11, 1886 in Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany. His first starring film appearance was in the 1917 German film “Ihr Sohn”, directed by Willy Zeyn. In a 20 year career Harry would go on to appear in 25 films the last being “Der Unwiderstehliche” in 1937. Among his films was an uncredited appearance in one early Euro-western “An Adventurers Love” in 1906. Harry joins the list as another long forgotten supporting actor from years past. Berber died at 85 in West Berlin, Germany on April 28, 1972.

BERBER, Harry (aka Harry Barber H. Berber) [12/11/1886, Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany - 4/28/1972, West Berlin, Berlin, Germany] – director, screenwriter.
An Adventurer’s Love – 1906

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