Monday, November 26, 2012


Phantom Town – International title

A 1997 U.S.A., Romanian, Canadian co-production [Kushner-Locke Productions (Hollywood), Radu Corciova Productions (Bucharest), Canarom Films (Toronto)]
Producers: Christopher Landry, Vlad Paunescu
Director: Jeff Burr
Story: Benjamin Carr
Screenplay: Benjamin Carr
Cinematography: Viorel Sergovici, Jr. [color]
Music: Dennis Smith
Songs: “Eye of the Hurricane”, “No Bed of Roses” sung by BLAK
Running time: 95 minutes

Mike Reeves – John Patrick White
Arnie Reeves – Taylor Locke
Cindy Reeves – Lauren Summers
Martin Reeves – Jim Metzler
Ellen Reeves – Belinda Montgomery
Hotel clerk – Gabriel Spahiu
Indian attendant – Jimmy Herman
Uncle Jack Reeves – Jeff Burr
Aunt Silvia Reeves – Iuliana Ciugulea
Bartender – Dan Badarau
Cowboys – Serban Celea, Ion Haiduc, Scot Kuykundahl, Dyer McHenry, Petre Morau
Gunslingers – Doru Ana, Mihai Baranga, Constantin Barbulescu
Saloon girls – Angela Chitu, Dorina Lazar
Porter – Dan Murariu
Sheriff – Robert Donovan
Western men – Tomi Cristin, Chris Nottoli
Western women – Jerri Schwartz, Silvia Nastase
Deputy – Dolph Scott
Drunk – Michael Sollenberger
Kids at party – Alina Bejan, Janet Chamberlain, Mary Whitehead, Wes Whitehead, Doru Dumitrescu

Mike, Arnie and Cindy Reeves are throwing a party while their parents are away. They receive a phone call from their parents on their way home but the phone goes dead as the parents enter the small desert town of Long Hand. The parents fail to return that night and the children decide they must go searching for them. A mysterious Indian warns them away from Long Hand, saying that it is inhabited by the dead and can only be entered in a dream. Inside the town, the children find the inhabitants believing and behaving as though it was 1882. As they try to find their parents, they realize the town is a living thing that wants to trap them there. The town’s denizens try to get them to make a promise that will cause them to become one of the enslaved undead.


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