Friday, November 23, 2012

Guess Who I Am

I was born in Hartford, Illinois in 1927.

Before becoming a TV western hero I was a doorman at Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I appeared in one Euro-western in 1972 with Telly Savalas.

Guess Who I Am.

Steve Saragossi correctly named this week's photo as that of Clint Walker.



  1. Steve Saragossi - The stoic Clint Walker. I never forget back in the early 70s, after him having been a staple of my TV diet in Cheyenne for years, that he was hovering near death after a ski pole pierced his heart in a skiing accident. Never heard any more after that but obviously he made a full recovery!

  2. Correct Steve it is Clint Walker.

  3. Like Clint Walker it is a Cowboy from the best Western.

  4. Clint Walker. He played the title character in Cheyenne.