Friday, November 2, 2012

Guess Who I Am

I’m a Spanish actress born in Madrid in 1938.

I have three sisters who are all actresses and a daughter who is an actress.

I appeared in only one Euro-western in 1966 directed by Ignacio Iquino.

Guess who I am.

No one guessed this week's photo of Vicky Lagos



  1. Hi,
    Coming in a little late here. Was going to tell you about José Yepes's death but you got there first! Then I see this quiz! Thanks for this recent pic of Lagos who I haven't seen for some time: now she basically does guest spots on TV. The film in question , although is CINCO PISTOLAS DE TEXAS, which is signed by Juan Xiol although I presume Iquino doctored it a bit, as was his style.

  2. There's a website for The Spanish Actors Union and they posted the lastest three Spanish actors obits. Nice to see them mention these actors no matter how small or long ago their appearances may have been. Otherwise we would never know of their whereabouts or passings.

    Correct your are Nzoog about CINCO PISTOLAS DE TEXAS. I do have both directors credited for that film but only posted Iquino in the quiz.