Friday, November 16, 2012


La pazienza ha un limite… noi no! – Italian title
¡Caray, qué palizas! – Spanish title
Kombinadoroi tou Texas – Greek title
Bill and Duke – English title
Patience has a Limit, We Don’t – English title

A 1974 Italian, Spanish co-production [Pantherfilms (Rome), Ancia Century Films, Pérez Pareja, M. Flor (Madrid)]
Producers: Francesco Campitelli, Armando Morandi
Director: Frank Farrow (Franco Ciferri)
Story: Fabio Carboni, Armando Morandi
Screenplay: Fabio Carboni, Armando Morandi, Armando De Ossorio (Armando Rodriguez)
Cinematography: Miguel Fernández Mila [Techincolor, Techniscope]
Music: Leonerbert (Franco Bixio, Fabio Frizzi, Vincenzo Tempera)
Songs: “The Ballad of Bill and Duke”, “The March of the Scared” sung by Ed Tapton (Eo Tapton)
Running time: 96 minutes

Pistolero/Duke McDonald – Sal Borgese (Salvatore Borgese)
Pupo/Bill McDonald – Peter Martel (Pierto Matrellanza)
Mrs. McDonald – Rita di Lernia (Maria de Lernia)
Joe – Luis Barboo
Isabel – Marisa Medina
Pollack – Pepe Ruiz
McDonald – Ray Nolan (Ramón Lillo)
With: Carla Mancini, José Luis Chinchilla, Armando Morandi, Venancio Muro, Francisco Nieto, Javier De Rivera, Luciano De Ritas, Bruno Boschetti, Manuel Zarzo, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Peter Jacob (Pietro Ceccarelli)

Corporal McDonald, an Irish soldier and member of the 7th Cavalry, is stationed in the American West. One day he steals and hides a military chest, containing a treasure. After diligently marking the place where he has hid it, he dies leaving two sons Bill and Duke each 50% of the precious map with his wife Isabel at a farmhouse in a desolate area of Texas. Twenty years after the crime, Lieutenant Pollock, among other things is the rejected lover of the widow, continues to investigate the treasure and convinces the heirs, to search for the chest. They are pursued by swindlers, but after many adventures they find the chest. Outsmarting the robbers, they decide to give the treasure back to the regiment. Then a random explosion reveals the presence of abundant oil in the basement of their farmhouse and they are consoled with a lavish income.

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