Saturday, November 24, 2012


Cowboy Kids – Spanish title
The Phantom Kid – English title title

A 1976 British, Israeli co-production [Helmdale (London)]
Producer: Maurice A. Krowitz
Director: Peter Hammond
Story: Edison Kinberg, Bernard Fink
Screenplay: Edison Kinberg, Bernard Fink
Cinematography: David Gurfinkel (color)
Music: Gerard Bernard Cohen
Song: “Heroes of the Night”, “That’s the Man for Me”, “Settling Down” sung by ?
Running time: 85 minutes

Adam – Michael Tough
Slinky – Susan Stacey
Harmony – Jeremy Kaplan
Trina – Kelly Frost
Marshal – Price McIean
Eye Patch – Barry Delany
Banker – Matt Hutchens
Desperadoes – M. Ben Jehuda, Pred Nebros, Judy Withman, Karim Rillos
Governor – Rick Jennigan
Bank Manager – Eli Herman
Bartender – Alexander Ray
Livery man – Luke Baker
Dispatcher – David Naither
Barbers – Dillan Gerstein, Andy Teris
General – Lidor Gilad
Conductor – Leslie McIean
Engineers – Tamir, Rafi Cohen
President Abraham Lincoln – David Shick
Wagon driver – Roy Ziv
Guard – Avi Cohen (Aviram Cohen)
Sergeants – Mark Melanson, Aaron Kaplan
Major – Adam Rubin
Dancers – Meirav Kargman, Ester Daz, Daniela Slavik, Shlomit Barnea, David Kanig, Nir Hadas, Ronen Shinar, Eldad Herman, Eldad Flanzman, Hai Vatesh, Vatesh Gil, Hagit Shimony, Nava Svirski, Uri Oron, Eiran Griffes, Silvy Deskalo, Sigal Gersony, Dvorah Ben Atar, Sigal Taube, Alana Agronovitz, Guy Zaoderman, Nathan Aharony, Aharony Hod, Galit Mendelson
With: Dina Hameiri, Ariel Hameiri, Sara Hatchins, Avishai Reisner, Michael Navon, Jonathan Shainer, Gali Ziner, Steve Cohan, Lavry Lefko, Cris Lefko, Ilan Porat, Scot Darlymple, Dror Sadorvsky, Matt Golmes, Eial Rodolf, Debra Derber, Louis Fritz, Michael Fritz, Peter Maree, Helen Whiting, Orna Tamary, Miriam Body, Galia Cohen, Yael Tamir, Mark Shanty, Jonathan Goldberg, Omer Rottenberg, Lisa Hollanbeck, Roberta Hollanbeck, Joe Hollanbeck, Michael Claxton

In this film kids are cowboys and outlaws in the Old West. They're the smallest hired guns in the west. Two vigilantes named Adam and Harmony are on a secret mission to bust a band of ruthless train robbers. Danger and suspense lurk everywhere in the town of Yellow-Wood, where the courageous young cowboys go undercover. There, a pretty saloon girl tips them off about a deadly conspiracy behind the railway heists. Trailing the bandits, Adam learns of their villainous plan to blow-up the railroad.

A mysterious folk hero known only as "The Phantom Kid" rides to the rescue, but he and Adam are temporarily sidetracked. Armed only with a magical harmonica and a high-spirited horse named Dynamite, Harmony must single-handedly round up the bad guys, before it’s too late.

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