Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pain Ridge the Last Battle

Paineridge Das Letzte Gedecht – German title
Pain Ridge – The Stand – English title
Pain Ridge the Last Battle – English title

A 1996 German production [Der Jerxheimer Kunstverein E.V. (Helmstedt)]
Producer: Norbert Michael
Director: Mario Schrader, Norbert Michael
Story: Mario Schrader
Screenplay: Norbert Michael
Dialogue: Christoph Maushake
Cinematography: Norbert Michael
Music: ?
Running time: 120 minutes

Clay Shatwick – Peter Fricke
Harvey Slotter – Thomas Hartmann
Martha Slotter – Martina Hartmann
Mario Schrader, Nicole Glinka, Crisby Michael, Alterer Herr, Christoph Maushake, Andrea Piening-Weihe, Jorg Stielau, Brigitte Michael, Eileen Michael, Diverse Statisten, Norbert Michael

A gunfighter hangs up his guns until his son is kidnapped.

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  1. German amateur western, made in Helmstedt. Apparently, "Paineridge - Das letzte Gefecht" never ran outside of this city in Lower Saxony.