Sunday, November 4, 2012


Quelle sporche anime dannate  - Italian title
Aquela alma madita – Brazilian title
Les âmes damnées de Rio Chico – French title
Geplant als: Sein Colt gab die Antwort – German title
O epikirygmenos tou El Paso – Greek title
Pagaod en sangre – Spanish title
Paid in Blood – English title

A 1971 Italian production [Constitution Film (Rome)]
Producer: Mario de Rosa
Director: Paolo Solvay (Luigi Batzella)
Story: Aldo Barni
Screenplay: Aldo Barni
Cinematography: Giorgio Montagnani [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Elsio Mancuso
Running time:  94 minutes

Tom Carter – Jeff Cameron (Giovanni Scarciofolo)
Lee Rast – Donald O’Brien (Donal O’Brien)
Jack ‘Mule’ Buchanan – Alfredo Rizzo
Doctor Lassiter – Edilio Kim
Cora – Krista Nell (Doreis Kristanel)
July – Sophia Kammara (Sofia Kammara)
Zelda – Esmeralda Barros (Esmerlinda Barros)
Shannon – Mark Davis (Gianfranco Clerici)
Bill Joyce – William Mayor (William Major)
Sheriff – Attilio Dottesio
Killer – Franco Daddi (Francesco Daddi)
Ringo Brown – Jean Claude Jabes (Gianclaudio Jabes)
Pablo – Xiro Papas
Saloon girl – Laila Shed
Army officer – Mauro Mannatrizio
With: Giulio Baraghini, Alessandro Perrella, Lorenzo Piani, Gino Turini, Salvatore Campochiaro, Sergio Baldacchino, Angelo Susani

Gunslinger Tom Carter, learns that a certain Ringo Brown killed his brother Jerry during a robbery. Carter is determined to avenge his brother’s death at the town of Green Waters, which is dominated a greedy landowner named Shannon. He’s backed by Rast, his right arm and wants to force the peasants who still resist him to sell their land for a pittance. Convinced to help the people by a gold prospector, Jack Buchanan, whose life he saved, Tom manages to defeat the numerous attempts made to kill him, on the orders of Shannon, by Rast and his henchmen, until they decide to attack in mass Buchanan's farm, where Carter has found refuge. On the eve of the attack Tom is taken by Green Waters doctor to a man mortally wounded by a snake, who tells him he’s Ringo Braun and had killed at the behest of Jerry Shannon. In the ensuing shootout, Tom and Buchanan manage to exterminate Rast’s gang. Shannon also dies, so Tom does not have to abandon the town, in the company of the woman he loves decides to settle down.

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