Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 65th Birthday Daniela Giordana

Daniela Giordana was born on November 7, 1947 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. She attended school in Milan specializing in art. She was accidentally entered in the 1966 Miss Sicily Beauty Contest which she won and then won the 1966 Miss Italy Contest. Although she was actually named Miss Europe she turned down the award, being tired of the contests and the obligations that went along with winning. During this time she was offered a film contract by William Morris Agency and moved to Rome where she lived for the next 19 years working in over 35 films and TV appearances including nine Euro-westerns from “Long Day of the Massacre” (1968) to “Stay Away from Trinity... When He Comes to Eldorado” (1972). After leaving the film business in 1980 she turned to journalism and became interested in the Paranormal after a personal experience winning the Donald E. Keyhoe Journalism Award for your article "UFOs in the History of Arts." Today Daniela considers herself retired and spends her time painting and reading. Today we celebrate the 65th birthday of one of the leading ladies of the Spaghetti Westerns, Daniela Giordana.

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