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Who Are Those Guys? ~ Franco Daddi


Franco Virgilio Daddi was/is an Italian stuntman, coordinator, master of arms and actor. He is/was the brotherof actor Wladimir Daddi. He started his film career in 1960 and worked in that career for the next 40 years. He was sometimes credited with the name Franco Virgilio and Franco Virgilio Daddi. During his career he appeared in some 40 films but like so many supporting and character actors little to nothing is known about the man. His last credited appearance was in 2002 “Gangs pf New York” as one of the Butcher’s gang members.

During his career in Spaghetti westerns he usually appeared as gang members, saloon brawlers and appearing as a supporting actor and stuntman. He also worked behind the scenes as a master of arms and a stunt coordinator.

DADDI, Franco (aka Franco Dadi, Frank Daddi, Frank Daddy, Franco Dady, Franco Virgilio, Virgilio) (Franco Virgilio Daddi) [Italian] – stunt coordinator, stuntman, master of arms, film, TV actor, brother of actor Vladimiro Daddi.

The Return of Clay Stone – 1964 (gambler)

Three Dollars of Lead – 1964 [as Virgilio Daddi]

Johnny West – 1965 (Jefferson henchman)

A Stranger in Sacramento – 1965 (Barnett henchman)

The Big Gundown – 1966 (cantina brawler)

Seven Dollars to Kill – 1966 (outlaw)

Black Tigress – 1967 (Paco) [as Franco Dady][master of arms]

Kill the Wicked! – 1967

$20,000 on Number 7 – 1967 (attempted rapist)

And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars – 1968

Heads or Tails – 1968 (Rhett/Red)

Tequila Joe – 1968 (Mulligan henchman)

Two Pistols and a Coward – 1968 (brawler)

Boot Hill – 1969 (brawler)

The Ballad of Ben and Charlie – 1971 (brawler)

Django’s Cut Rate Corpses – 1971 (Ramon’s brother)

A Man Called Django! – 1971 (Carranza henchman)

Paid in Blood – 1971 (Ringo Brown #1)

The Price of Death – 1971 (saloon patron)

Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (Parker henchman) [stunts]

God is My Colt .45 – 1972 (hired killer)

Man of the East – 1972 (saloon patron)

They Call Me Providence – 1972

Trinity & Sartana Those Sons of Bitches – 1972 (Bill)

The Grandson of Zorro – 1975 (Ruarte soldier)

America in Rome – 1998 [himself]

The Last Hour – 2009 [master of arms]

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