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English voices of the Spaghetti Westerns ~ Paul Frees

Born Solomon Hersh Frees in Chicago on June 22, 1920, he began his acting career in 1942, and remained active for over forty years. During this time, he was involved in more than 250 films, cartoons, and television appearances; like many voice actors, his appearances were often uncredited.

Gifted with an amazing ear and versatile voice from an early age, Paul’s early radio career was cut short when he was drafted during World War II. He was wounded in action at Normandy on D-Day and returned to the United States for a year of recuperation. He attended the Chouinard Art Institute under the G.I. Bill, but his first wife’s failing health forced him to drop out and return to radio work.

Paul was often called upon in the 1950s and 1960s to loop the dialogue of other actors, often to correct for foreign accents, lack of English proficiency, or poor line readings by non-professionals. These dubs extended from a few lines to entire roles.

Paul Frees passed away on November 2, 1986, in Tiburon, California. When asked if he ever had reason to resent the relative anonymity of his art form, he replied, “Sometimes, yes. But it’s nothing I can’t overcome when I look at the bank balance.”

FREES, Paul (Solomon Hersh Frees) [1/22/1920, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. – 11/2/1986, Tiburon, California, U.S.A. (pain medication overdose)] – film, radio, TV, voice actor, married to Anelle McCloud [1924-1945] (1943-1945), married to Fleda June Hansen [1920-1956] (1947-1950), married to actress Joy Terry (Joyce Schultz) [1930-2008] (1951-196??) father of voice actor Frederic William Ernest Frees [1953-    ], Sabrina S. Frees [1963-    ], married to Jeri J. Cole (1967-1969) married to Beverly T. Marlow (1971-1986).

Paul Frees’ English dubbed voices:

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 1966 [English voice of Aldo Giuffre]

Guns for San Sebastian – 1968 [English voice of ?]

Once Upon a Time in the West – 1968 [English voice of Gabriele Ferzetti]

Red Sun – [English voice of Toshiro Mifune]

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