Monday, January 23, 2023

RIP Eugenio Martín

Veteran Spanish director and writer Eugenio Martín died in Madrid, Spain on January 23, 2023. He was 97. He was best remembered for known for three classic Spanish films “Horror Express” (1972), “The Ugly Ones” (1966) and “A Candle for the Devil” (1973). Martín was born Eugenio Martín Márquez in Ceuta on May 15, 1925, he shortly after moved to Granada. There he would grow up secretly reading Lorca and León Felipe and poisoning himself with cinema. His first contact with what would later be his trade was in the cinema-club that he founded. And so on until the censorship of a Jesuit made him desist. "Granada was a prison then," he said in an interview. When he decided to go into exile, he would get the possibility of studying at the Madrid Film Institute and there he went with what was his first short film (“Romantic Journey to Granada”). Eugenio was married to actress Lone Faerch since 1970. Martín worked on four Euro-westerns: "The Ugly Ones" – 1966 [director, writer]; "Duel in the Eclipse" – 1968 [director]; "Bad Man's River" - 1971 [director, writer]; "Pancho Villa" – 1971 [director] and was scheduled as a director on an unmade western "Musarra" in 1964.

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