Wednesday, January 18, 2023

RIP Uta Hallant


German actress and voice dubber Uta Hallant died in Berlin, Germany on December 31, 2022. She was 83. Hallant born in Munich on May 12, 1939, had a short career as an actress but a long-distinguished career as a voice actress. She dubbed such stars as Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews and Jamie Lee Curtis. Her Euro-western dubbing career consisted of over a dozen films and TV series.

Uta Hallant’s dubbed westerns:

“Savage Guns” – 1962 [German voice of Maria Granada], “Duel at Sundown” – 1965 [German voice of Caroll Gray], “A Man Called Gringo” – 1965, “The Tramplers” – 1965 [German voice of Muriel Franklin],  [German voice of Alexandra Stewart], “Kill or Die” – 1967 [German voice of Elina DeWitt], “A $1,000 a Day” – 1966 [German voice of Pier Angeli], “My Name is Pecos” - 1966 [German voice of Lucia Modugno], “A Man a Colt” – 1967 [German voice of Marta Reeves], Burning Daylight (TV) – 1975 [German voice of Francoise Arnoul], Triumph of a Man Called Horse – 1983 [German voice of Ana DeSade], “Lucky Luke” (TV) [German voice of Cass Morgan]


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