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Little Known European Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Elsa Aguirre

 These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be gven and anything that you can add would be appreciated.

Elsa Irma Aguirre Juárez was born in Chihuahua, Mexico on September 25, 1930. She was discovered when she was teenager, in a beauty contest held by a cinematographic production company called CLASA Films Mundiales, which was looking for new talent. She and her older sister Alma Rosa [1929- ] were chosen to appear in their first film called “El sexo fuerte” in 1945, directed by Emilio Gómez Muriel. Since then, Elsa Aguirre has starred in many types of films such as drama, romance, action, fiction, etc. throughout her career. Elsa Aguirre continued to appear with her sister Alma Rosa in some of her films. Aguirre has appeared in theatre, television series and singing in live shows. She won an Ariel de Oro reward in 2003 for Lifetime Achievement.

Now here’s where the mystery comes in. Elsa Aguirre appeared in only one Euro-western a film entitled “7 Guns for 7 Bandits” directed by noted Mexican director René Cardona Jr. using the alias Rene Chardon and starring an actor named William Cliff, which is supposed to be a pseudonym for Jorge Rivero. Among the cast is an actress named Barbara Parker which is a alias of Els Aguirre. The film although filmed in Mexico is supposed to be co-produced by Italy and the film was released there using the title “7 Colt per 7 carogne”.

Jorge Rivero in an interview with Mike Malloy said that he had made 3 Sartana films: “Here Comes Sartana”; “Return of Sartana” and “Death of Sartana” all filmed in 1974 with him starring as Sartana. He even showed Mike a photo of him on set. All three films were directed by Italian director Mario Siciliano and filmed in Venezuela who co-produced the series.

Could Elsa Aguirre who had left the film industry to marry her first husband and raise a child returned under a alias to re-establish herself in a film she though no one would notice let alone see?

AGUIRRE, Elsa (aka Elsa Irma Aguirre, Irma Aguirre) (Elsa Irma Aguirre Juárez) [9/25/1930, Chihuahua, Mexico -     ] – film, TV actress, singer sister of actress Alma Rosa Aguirre (Alma Rosa Aguirre Juárez) [1929-    ], she’s been married three times journalist Armando Rodríguez Morado (1958-196?) mother of Hugo Morado [1965-1985], married to actor José Bolaños [1935-1994] (1963-1964), married to yoga teacher José Rafael Estrada Valero (1972-19??].

Seven Guns for Seven Bandits – 1967 (Rosario) [as Barbara Parker]

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