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Who Are Those Gals? ~ Berthe Dagmar


Berthe Dagmar was born Albertine Blanche Augusta Marie Hamon on January 24, 1881, in Agon-Coutainville, Manche, France. She began her career as a circus acrobat and animal trainer. In 1909 Berthe appeared in the ‘Arizona Bill’ series of films and would become an assistant director and then a director. She was married the director Jean Durand [1882-1946] in 1917, so she appeared in a number of the films he directed including quite a few Joe Hamman westerns. Berthe could be seen in anything from cameo appearances to leading lady. She could do it all as she was also a trained dancer and did her own stunts. Berthe died in Paris on January 20, 1934, from an undisclosed cause, four days short of her 53rd birthday.

DAGMAR, Berthe (Albertine Blanche Augusta Marie Hamon) [1/24/1881, Agon-Coutainville, Normandie, Marche, France – 1/20/1934, Paris, Paris, Île-de-France, France] – circus acrobat, animal tamer, director, assistant director, dancer, film actress, married to journalist, cartoonist, producer, director, assistant director, writer Jean Durand [1882-1946] (1917-1934).

The Adventures of Arizona Bill – 1909-1914

Le jeune chef indien - 1909

The Adventures of a Cowboy in Paris – 1910

Les aventures d'un cow-boy à Paris - 1910

Calino Wants to be a Cowboy – 1911

Le feu à la prairie – 1911

Hanging at Jefferson City – 1911 (saloon owner)

La prairie en feu – 1911 (Mrs. Brooks)

Cent dollars mort ou vif – 1912 (Daisy Davidson)

Coeur-Ardent - 1912 (Mouche-de-Feu/Sun Ray/Firefly)

Marriage With a Revolver – 1912 (Maud Baker)

The Railway of Death – 1912 (passenger)

Onésime sur le sentier de guerre - 1913 (Carmencita Olavacca)

Onésime on the Warpath - 1914

Le coeur d’un pere – 1914


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