Thursday, January 26, 2023

RIP Wolfgang Draeger


German actor and voice dubber Wolfgang Draeger died in Hamburg, Germany on January 23, 2023. He was 95. Born Wolfgang Herbert Kurt Draeger in Berlin, Germany on January 9, 1928, he started his career in radio and then became a familiar voice to German film fans. As an actor, Draeger appeared in the ZDF series “The Legacy of the Guldenburgs”. He was the voice of Woody Allen and James Cagney and the voice of the cartoon character Inspector Gadget. Draeger was married to fellow actress Rosemarie Eick [1927–1989]. From this marriage came their son Stefan [1953–2018] and daughter Nicole [1956- ]. After they divorced, he married the model Marianne Klawitter, from whose union the children Kerstin [1966- ] and Alexander called "Sascha" [1967- ].


Wolfgang Draeger’s Euro-western voice credits

The Last Gun – 1964 [German voice of Ugo Fangareggi]

Oklahoma John – 1964 [German voice of Georg Herzig]

Fistful of Dollars – 1965 [German voice of Fernando Sánchez Polack]

The Tramplers – 1965 [German voice of Franco Balducci]

My Name is Pecos – 1966 [German voice of Gino Barbacane]

The Dirty Outlaws - 1967 [German voice of Giuseppe Castellano]

Killer Caliber .32 [German voice of Alberto Dell’Acqua]

Pecos Cleans Up – 1967 [German voice of Piero Vida]

Professionals for a Massacre – 1967 [German voice of Milo Quesada]

The Ruthless Four – 1967 [German voice of Klaus Kinski]

7 Pistols for a Massacre – 1967 [German voice of Eduardo Fajardo]

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – 1968 [German voice of Jim turner]

And God Said to Cain – 1970 [German voice of Antonio Cantafora]

Catlow – 1971 [German voice of Angel del Pozo]

The Grissom Gang – 1971 [German voice of Scott Wilson]

Halleluja für Camposanto – 1971 German voice of Gildo Di Marco]

Halleluja für Spirito Santo – 1971 [German voice of Ettore Arena, Federico Boido]

Vengeance Trail – 1971 [German voice of ?]

Yuma – 1971 [German voice of Robert Phillips]

Ben and Charlie – 1972 [German voice of Vittorio Congia]

Bad Kids of the West – 1973 [German voice of Gaetano Scala]

Burning Daylight (TV) – 1975 [German voice of ?]

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