Saturday, January 21, 2023

The Spaghetti Westerns Podcast Season 5, Episode 3, #103

 Please join me today at 12 noon PST for episode #3 of Season five. Today I'll discuss in our "History of the Spaghetti western the Road to Fort Alamo” and it's star Ken Clark will be covered in detail in our "Whatever Happened To? section followed by "Who Are Those Guys? Leo Anchoriz" and then the "Film of the Week" which will b "The5-Man Army". I'll wrap things up with some posters from the vault and The Weekly News which unfortunately is just a Boot Hill summary of this past week's passings.

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  1. Tom, when you mentioned Leo Anchoriz, you forgot to mention that he played the role of Dekker in 1968's "Kill Them All And Come Back Alone" with Chuck Connors, Frank Wolff, and Alberto Dell'Acqua.