Saturday, January 28, 2023

Who Are Those Singers and Musicians ~ Eldorado Stones

 I can find no biographical information on this group. They may have been a group of backup studio singers that the recording company attached a one-time name to but the only reference I can find on them is at the Discogs website where they appear on an album called “Hit Parade” where they sing the song ‘Catapult’ written by  Balducci (Gabriele Balducci), Balducci (Mario Balducci (Turkka Mali)), Logan (Michael Logan 1947, England, U.K. -2022, Rome, Italy), De Luca (Ferdinando De Luca January 26, 1940, Milan, Lombardy, Italy - ), could they be the members of the group?

El DORADO STONES – singing group.

For a Book of Dollars – 1973 [sing ‘Catapult’]

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