Friday, January 6, 2023

Spaghetti Western Trivia – More Carambola casting prospects.


Ferdinand Baldi has two projects to helm for BRC and PAC release - upcoming Carambola with Chris Mitchum and Desert Jackal (a war movie?, or a western?)



Hollywood, March 12.

     Zev Braun, Chicago packager who helped finance Max Schell’s “The Pedestrian,” now has two more films set to go in Israel, “Candy’s Man,” which he reports will star John Wayne and “Carambola” for Jack Palance.

     “Candy’s Man” is set in 1902 Palestine and involves a marathon horse race by Wayne vs Arabs. Braun sez the film will be made at the end of the year in Israel.

     “The government gives us premium grants and loans, says the producer. “For every dollar we spend there, we get $1.50 on screen. We also get a premium rate of exchange on Israeli pounds. Also unions are very benevolent.”


Braun was hawking Carambola's casting of Jack Palance, just as it was about to start filming and

then Baldi discovered Coby and Smith (Spring of 1974)


Candy's Man would be similar to “Circus World’s” time frame, and Wayne most likely

would have worn the same outfit. Sort of a sequel to “Circus World”. It was announced before (or at the same time as) the similar plotted “Bite the Bullet” (released April 1975)


Another missed opportunity for Wayne to wear his cowboy clothes on foreign soil


By Michael Ferguson

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