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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians? ~ Carol Danell


Carol Danell is an American singer, born in New York City on August 15, 1934. As a child she played drums in a "school band." Coming to Paris, she decided to settle down to cultivate her favorite hobby: painting. In order to prolong her stay in Europe, she began to sing American songs, only later, always in Paris, she discovers jazz, which until then she had ignored. She eventually moved to Rome where she worked for Rai and appeared on several of their radio and television shows and recorded two 45-RPM singles in 1959.

In a May 1, 1977, Los Angeles Times article Danell stated, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do except I had a talent for music and art,” she said “About that time (in the 1950s) I received a letter from a friend studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. Life was both cheap and interesting over there, she wrote, and I thought, ‘Why not?’ I landed in Paris with $150 and lost of enthusiasm and soon started singing for my supper in a small restaurant.” It was the start of a career that ultimately led to Rome. She said “I found the Europeans, and the Romans in particular, closer to the human species, not so alienated from their own instincts on which they relied, rather than depending on labels for identification. Then never open a conversation by saying, “What do you do?” They’re so much less hung up on the concept of having a relationship with someone because that someone can do something for them.”

Carol composed and wrote the lyrics for several songs that appeared in the Spaghetti western genre. She even appeared in the 1967 film “Son of Django” as Carol a saloon singer where she sang “Hog Tied”.  She disappears from the scene after 1970 so I contacted Rodd Dana to see if he could help since he sang “Cowboy” for the film ”Masscare at Grande Canyon”. He responded “Hi Pal: You asked Re: Carol Dannel. She wrote the words for the Title Song "Cowboy", I did for the Jim Mitchum Movie, "Massacre at Grand Canyon" in 1965. She passed away, in LA, many, many, years ago. Last time I saw here was in 1978. She was a grand Lady, and a long time Dubber. Best, Rodd.”

DANELL, Carol (aka A. C. Danell, C. A. Danell, C. Danell, C.A Danell, Carole Danell, Carole Danelle, Danel, Danell, Danella, Darrel) (Anne Carol Danell) [8/15/1934, New York City, New York, U.S.A. -     ] – composer, songwriter, singer, music, artist, actress, voice dubber.

Massacre at the Grande Canyon – 1963 [composer, songwriter “Cow-boy”]

The Sheriff Won’t Shoot – 1965 [playback singer]

The Son of Django – 1967 [sings: “Hog Tied” (co)]

Wanted – 1967 [composer, songwriter "When You Are Wanted"]

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