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Billy – International title


A 1991 Italian production [Instituto Luce Cinecitta (Rome)

Producer: Lello Scarano

Director: Jean-Pierre Duriez

Story: Jean-Pierre Duriez

Screenplay: Jean-Pierre Duriez

Cinematography: Silvio Fraschetti [color]

Music: Giovanni Nuti

Running time:



Billy - Francesco Blasio

Lou Lou - Sarah Lou Duriez

Sheriff - Mario Gaudieri

Clark - Gianni Esposito (Giovanni Esposito)

Zapitas - Marco Cantalamessa

Tom - Hervé Salazar

Sansone - Alfonso Buonerba

Vincent - Giuseppe Mafrolla

Barman - Marco Liparulo

Il bidello - Lucio Ciotola

Crazy Horse – Giovanni Ferro

Indians - Fabiana Masecchia, Daniele Russo

Indian squaw - Manuela Liparulo

Padre – Fabio La Prea

Blanche – Liliana La Prea

Blacksmith - Giuseppe Maria Mango

Blacksmith’s assistant – Giovanni Siola

Barber - Davide Mafrolla

Farmers - Giuseppe Panariello, Luigi Panariello

Madame Lucie – Perla Montella

Coach driver - Antonio Pane

Madam Problem - Ilaria Di Francia

Mexicans – Antonio Sasse, Gianluca Sasso

Townswomen - Claudia Sondelli, Luisa Crasta

Townsman - Verusca Aversano, Rosa Canonico

Musicians - Fabiano Cherchi, Rodolfo Sapio, Mario Farroni

Dancers - Chiara Mafrolla, Corinna Cuomo, Benedetta Cuomo, Viola Garofalo, Cristiana Xetura Cherchi, Federica Scotto Di Vettima, Maria Gallo

Saloon patron - Umberto Doriano, Giovanni Gallo

Shop owners - Giovanni Brancaccio, Giuseppe Russo

Photographer - Samuel Sperindeo

Doctor - Fernando Farroni

Gambler - Giovanni Malara

Gravedigger - Valerio Marcangeli

Newsboy – Marco Napolitano

Switchboard operator - Mariano Crasta

Cashier - Marco Rega

Janitor – Lucio Ciotola


What happens to middle school kids with a teacher who always talks about the history of the Far West? That one fine morning Sheriff Billy (age 10) arrives in Cactus-City to replace the old Yella Smith (15 years) near the guesthouse. The Apaches are on a war footing and the "Mexican bandidos" of the Zapitas (13 years old) are raging. For the big Village Festival the stagecoach brings Lou Lou, the most famous Saloon Star (9 years old). At this party the love between Lou Lou and Billy is born, contrasted by Crazy Horse (14 years old) madly in love with the "White Squaw". At the annual Rodeo, Billy wins and reaffirms his heroism, but is wounded in an ambush by Mad Horse. Zapitas and his Gang assault the Bank. The duel is inevitable and ends with Billy's triumph.

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  1. Is this supposed to be a "What If" film about Billy The Kid because I highly doubt it?