Sunday, September 25, 2022

New western premiers “A Bastard, a City and the Dead”


Un bastardo una ciudad y los Muertos – Spanish title

Dead Men Don’t Die – English title

A Bastard, a City and the Dead – English title


A 2019 Spanish, German co-production [D.E.D. Independent Film (Almeria)]

Producers: Dirk Roche. John Hutchins, Janine Hutvhins, Raymond Isenberg. Martina Mazanti

Director: Dirk Roche

Story: Dirk Roche

Screenplay: Dirk Roche

Cinematography: Roberto Gardenzio, Dirk Roche [color]

Music: Stefano Sacchi, Chris Keller

Running time: 70 minutes


Story: A dirty border town in the old west. Three outlaws believe they kill Ramon, the sheriff and terrorize his town. When Ramon returns to town his gun is ready to kill.



Ramon the Bastard – Derk Rache

Stumpy – Raymond Isenberg

Dakota – Andres Macho

Longo – Uli Angersbach (Ulrich Angersbach)

The Major - Franky J. Cuaron

Snake – John Hutchins

Stacy - Marzia Liuzzi

Rose – Martina Mazanti

Jimmy Boy - José Hita (José Hita Almeria)

Justin - Justin Isenberg

The Guardian – Chris Keller

Maria - Anne Hagel (Anne Weßling)

Drunken Mexican - Jose Corral Martinez  

Killer – Ricardo Cruz Fernandez

Killer ladys - Emi Lopez (Emi Lopez Salmeron), Janine Hutchins

Texas Roy - Michael Cholewa

Prisoner – Enrico Borra

Female victim - Yvonne König

The child – Dario Martinea

with: Didier Methievier, Jose Uroz, Alvaro Alonso, Enrico Borracuda  

A low budget oater with German, Spanish and American actors directed by Dirk Roche who has devoted the last decade making small budget westerns in Almeria, Spain. This is his biggest and longest film yet. Sit back and enjoy and endless array of gunplay. Filmed on sets used by Sergio Leone during the heyday of the Spaghetti western.

The film was made over a period of 2 years interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic makes it’s premier today at the Wild Bunch Film Festival in Tucson, Arizona and the Municpal Theater in Tabernas, Spain.


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  1. What an interesting title. Gives it that macabre vibe.