Friday, September 30, 2022

New Book Release “Franco e Ciccio. Storia di due antieroi. La biografia autorizzata”


Franco e Ciccio. Storia di due antieroi. La biografia autorizzata

(Franco and Ciccio. Story of two anti-heroes. The authorized biography)

Author: Alberto Pallotta - Andrea Pergolari


Country: Italy

Publisher: Sagoma

Language: Italian

Pages: 496

ISBN: 9788865061534

Available: 9/30/2022


Franco and Ciccio. So. Just the names are enough. The names are enough to arouse a smile. Today, like sixty years ago. Their names are enough to have them in front of your eyes, as they have always been: more improbable and absurd than ever. They have overwhelmed Italian cinema and entertainment with the impetuousness of true phenomena. They were the most proverbial comedy couple in our history. Despite an eternal circle of quarrels and reconciliations. This is their first authorized biography, a story that is also the story of a precious friendship, of an unrepeatable union. A story that started from nothing, from the misery of childhood, and reached millions of spectators. A story of laughter and a few tears, of great shows and unlikely films, a joyful story that is also tinged with yellow at the end. This book, also created to worthily celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ciccio Ingrassia (1922-2022), reconstructs it with testimonies and documents, over 60 unpublished photos and with the decisive and direct contributions and contributions of the sons Giampiero Ingrassia and Massimo Benenato.

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