Wednesday, September 7, 2022

50th Anniversary of “Where the Bullets Fly”

 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of “Where the Bullets Fly” directed by Sergio Grieco and starring Antonio Sabato, Marisa Mell and Lionel Stander. The story is about Gipo (Antonio Sabato), a young adventurer, is given a portion of a rock on which on it is engraved the map of a legendary mine. He sets out in search of the other four pieces needed to complete the map. The other pieces are in the possession of a varied sample of humanity. He teams up with a prostitute and when the mission is finally accomplished, he discovers that the mine is worthless, but do not despair: because he found love along the way.


Tutti fratelli nel west… per parte di padre – Italian title

La dove volano le pallottole – Italian title

Todos hemanos… en el Oeste – Spanish title

El Paraiso del Oeste – Spanish title

Miss Dynamite – French title

Fünf Klumpen Gold – German title

All the Brothers of the West Support the Father – English title

Where the Bullets Fly – English title


A 1972 Italian, Spanish, German film co-production [D.C. 7 Produzione (Rome), C.C.C.

     (Madrid), Terra Filmkunst (Berlin]

Producer: Giovanni Addessi

Director: Sergio Grieco

Story: Romano Migliorini, Gianbattista Mussetto

Screenplay: Sergio Grieco, Romano Migliorini, Gianbattista Mussetto

Cinematography: Aldo De Robertis [Technicolor, CinemaScope]

Music: Riz Ortolani

     Song: “Where the Bullets Fly” sung by Marisa Mell

Running time: 96 minutes



Jonathan Edgar Allen Poe/Gipo – Antonio Sabato

Lulu Belle/Blue Bird/Miss Dynamite – Marisa Mell (Marlies Moitzi)

Lucky Capone – Lionel Stander

Tom Slattery/Heininger – Peter Carsten (Gunther Ransenthaler)

General Cagoso/Colonel Hotshot – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)

Whores – Brigitte Skay (Brigitte Riedle), Esmeralda Barros

Gennarino – Giacomo Furia

Red Sample – Franco Ressel (Domenico Orobona)

Pigsty – Franco Pesce

Capone henchman – Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)

Sheriff – Tom Felleghy (Tamas Fellegi)

Barn brawler – Giovanni Cianfriglia, Vincenzo Maggio

Townswoman – Carla Mancini

Tom – Nino Musco (Antonio Musco)

Saloon patrons - Elio Angelucci, Salvator Baccaro, Claudio Ruffini

Bath house customer – Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)

Governor – Antonio Gradoli

Mexican officer - Pasquale Basile

With: Andrea Scotti, Omero Capanna, Carla Del Poggio

Stunts: Valentino Pelizzi

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