Friday, September 30, 2022

Spaghetti Western Trivia – Wanted Poster

 In the 1970 Spaghetti western “More Dollars for the MacGregors” we see a bounty hunter looking over a number of wanted posters posted on the wall of the sheriff’s office. The poster in the middle features a familiar face with the name of Frank Lasky and a $2,000 reward posted “Dead or Alive”. The face is that of actor Dan van Husen who does not appear in the film at all.

[submitted by Michael Ferguson]

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  1. There are other wanted posters in the film that are familiar that feature the faces of actors who were either A)Not able to live throughout the entire film or B)Were never in the film at all. Both the posters of Dan Van Husen and Benito Stefanelli in the film are from other films and they did not appear in this film whatsoever.