Sunday, December 23, 2018

50th Anniversary of the premier of the “White Comanche”

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of “White Comanche”. Understandably one of the worst films of the Euro-western genre. It was directed by José Briz Méndez under the disguise of Gilbert Lee Kay and it starred Joseph Cotton and Star-Trek’s William Shatner in a double role as twin brothers Notah and Johnny Moon who were born of an Indian mother and white father, look alike physically to the point that Johnny is often blamed for criminal activities and atrocities performed by Notah the “White Comanche”. Tired of this situation Johnny decides to find and confront his brother but knows it can only be solved in a duel to the death. In the meantime, Johnny becomes an assistant sheriff, where he tries to put an end to the clashes between rival groups of the owner of the saloon and a general fanatical bounty hunter. On the day of the duel with Notah, Johnny confronts his fearless, murderous brother, though wounded Johnny, manages to kill him. Hopefully he can live a peaceful life as he rides off into the sunset. The film also is accompanied by one of the worst scores of the genre. The acting(?) by Shatner has to be seen to be believed.

Comanche blanco – Spanish title
Rio Hondo – Spanish title
Rio Hondo - German title
E viene l’ora della vendetta – Italian title
Den onde dubbelgångaren – Swedish title
White Comanche – English title
Hour of Vengeance – English title
White Comanche – U.S.A. title

A 1968 Spanish production [Producciones Cinematograficas A.B. (Madrid)]
Producer: Sam White
Director: Gilbert Lee Kay (José Briz Méndez)
Story: Manuel Gómez Rivera, José Briz Méndez
Screenplay: Frank Gruber, Robert I. Holt (Robert Irwin Holt)
Cinematography: Francis Fraile (Francisco Fraile) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Jean Ledrut
Running time: 93 minutes

Sheriff Logan – Joseph Cotton
Johnny Moon – William Shatner
Noah – William Shatner
Kelly – Rossana Yani (Marta Paxot)
White Fawn – Perla Cristal (Perla Lijtik)
General Garcia – Vidal Molina (Mariano Molina)
Jed Grimes – Luis Prendes (Luis Estreada)
Mayor Bolker – Bart Barry (Bernabe Barri)
Ellis – Vincent Rocca (Vicente Rocca)
Kah To – Luis Rivera (Luis Melgarejo)
Coor Garcia – Xavier Maza (Javier Maiza)
Carter – Victor Israel (Josep Vilannova)
Quincy – Ferdinand Lewi (Fernando Lewis)
Parson – Héctor Quiroga
Comanche – Gene Reyes
Comanche squaw - Diana Lorys (Anna Vega)
Comanche/towsman – José Terrón
Blacksmith - Cris Huerta (Crisanto Brieva)
Dennis – Ian Castelli (Gian Castelli)
With: Dick Adams (Richard Adams), Simón Arriaga, José Bastida, José Canalejas, Ricardo Costa, Martín Díaz, Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia), José Jaspe (José Rivas), Joseph Lluck (José Lluch), Soledad Miranda (Soledad Bueno), Emilio Rodríguez, Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell), Amalia Velázquez, Elsa Zabala

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