Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? - Harald Brenna

Harald Brenna was born in Norway on April, 24, 1946. Harald had his practice at Trøndelag Theatre, and became a permanent employee at the theater after his studies. He stayed here until 1985, after a one year break at the theater Our Molde. As a freelancer, he has guested most of the country's theaters. He has appeared in numerous television productions and series, including ‘The Brigade’, ‘Fox Grønland’ and ‘Mammon’. His feature films include “Wayfarers”, “Hakon Håkonson”, “North Star” and “Hamsun”.

At the Trøndelag Teater, to which he has now returned, he is remembered as Hakon in “Compassion” and Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” from his first years. And in recent years he has held key roles in, among others “Hopes on the Autumn”, “Purple and Gold”, “King Lear”, “Antigone”, “Everything is Relative”, “Threepenny Opera”, “A Minor Annoyance” and “Adrian Posepilt”. Many remember him also as Tor Johanneshov in “Berlinerpoplene”.

Currently he has appeared in new performances of Harold Pinter's “Caretaker in Teaterkjelleren”.

BRENNA, Harald [4/24/1946, Norway -     ] – stage, TV actor, married to Anne Marie Stav [1946-    ], father of Turid Brenna [1966-    ], Une Brenna [1973-    ], married to actress Ingrid Vollan [1956-    ], father of Mari Brenna [1987-    ], Heidi Brenna [1990-    ].
North Star – 1995 (Iron Mike)

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