Sunday, December 20, 2015

Zorro: Return to the Future

Zorro: Return to the Future – English title

A 2007 British production [BKN New Media (London)]
Producers: Rick Unger, Stuart Evans
Director: Stuart Evans
Story: Stuart Evans
Teleplay: Stuart Evans
Animation: Vic Santiago [color]
Music: Allen Bohbot
Running time: 60 minutes

Diego Dela Vega/Zorro, Alejandro Dela Vega, Gustavo Dela Vega/Zorro, Alejandro’s grandmother, Bernardo, Maria Martinez/The Scarlet Whip, Mayor Horace Martinez, Sergeant Garcia, The Dons,Mrs. McAlistair, Alfred Catalano, Fearsome Four, Augusto Catalano, Gloria Sheffield, The Dons

This TV feature film includes the first 3 episodes of the TV series (A New Generation Part I & II, and The Fearsome Four). It is an animated cartoon adventure: Return to the Future updates the legendary character to modern times and allows the hero to have a number of modern weapons and tools including a motorcycle and a lady sidekick, The Scarlet Whip. It premiered on November 13, 2007.

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