Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Book Release

Jess Franco

The Bible on Jess Franco, filmmaker worshipped for 200 films!

Author: Alain Petit
Publisher: Artus Films
730 pages
Language: French
Black & White / Color
+ 1 DVD
Format: 26,6 x 5,1 x 23 cm
Cardboard cover
Loaded with photos
ISBN-10: 2954843535
ISBN-13: 978-2954843537
59,00 Euros

"In every country, there is a madman who admire me, in France, it is you! "

It is on this, not without humor and self-mockery, Jess Franco concluded, in February 1973, a river interview with the author of this book in the living room of his Paris hotel.

This meeting marked the beginning of a friendship that has, over the next forty years, never wavered.

In 1994, Alain Petit decides to publish, at his own expense, the result of an impressive work started, in 1971, through his first fanzine.

Fragmented into six volumes, this book has seen a confidential broadcast that made virtually untraceable, that since its initial publication.

Complete with a large dictionary, this book was the subject in 1998 of a new edition in eight volumes, republication equally confidential under the auspices of the fanzine "Ciné Zine Zone".

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