Saturday, December 12, 2015

Zorro: A Conspiracy of Blood

Zorro: A Conspiracy of Blood – English title

A 1992 French, Spanish, U.S.A. television co-production [Ellipse Programme (Paris), New
    World Television (Hollywood)]
Producers: Ray Austin (Raymond Austin), Philip John Taylor, Pierre Bertrand-Jaume,
                 Daniel Mikolay, James Ackerman, Philippe Gildas, Stephane Sperry
Director: Ray Austin
Story: Johnston McCulley
Teleplay: Adam Taylor, Michael Halperin
Photography:  [color]
Music: Jay Asher
Running time: 97  minutes

Story: Zorro meets his twin brother whom he was separated from at birth.

Don Diego de la Vega/Zorro – Duncan Regehr
Don Gilberto Risendo – James Horan
Don Alejandro de la Vega – Henry Darrow (Henry Delgado)
Lieutenant Julian Hidalgo – Daniel Craig
Young Inez – Isabel Prinz
Elena de la Vega – Maria Reyes Arias
Senor Peralta – Cesar Peralta
Elena’s father – Lucas Rodriguez
Servant girl – Elisa Rodriguez
Inez Risenda – Faith Brooke
Padre – Timothy Bateson
Victoria Escalante – Patrice Camhi
Sergeant Jaime Mendoza – James Victor
Alcalde Ignacio de Soto – John Hertzler
Felipe – Juan Diego Botto (Juan Rota)

Zorro, his father Don Diego and the entire pueblo of Los Angeles fight against the Emissary from Spain who claims the wealth of the lands in the name of the King.

The final four episodes of the Zorro TV series (‘Arrival’, ‘Death and Taxes’, ‘Conundrum’, and ‘The Discovery’) were combined and released on video on August 9, 1996. The video contained cut scenes not seen on the TV series. 

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