Sunday, December 6, 2015

Winnetou Returns (TV)

Winnetous Rückkehr – German title
Winnetou Returns – English title

A 1997 German television production [Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion]
Producer: Mariette Rissenbeek      
Director: Marijan D. Vajda (Marijan David Vajda)
Story: Werner Waldhoff, Pierre Brice, Jean-Claude Deret
Teleplay: Werner Waldhoff, Pierre Brice, Jean-Claude Deret
Photography: Eberhard Geick, Martin Stingl [color]
Music: Martin Bottcher
Running time: 171 minutes

Winnetou – Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Mary – Candice Daly
John Mayotte – Pierre Semmler
Spencer – Tobias Hoesl (Tobias Hosl)
Hermann – Christoph Moosbrugger
Timmy Mayotte – Manuel Trautsch
Robert DeWill – Juraj Kukura
Steven Shagan – Diego Wallraff
Balthasar – Calvin Burke
Tanka – Buffal Child (Buffalo Child Koopeoequancit)
Little Beaver – Lowell Raven
Tah-Sha-Tunga – Jimmy Herman
Wash-Ti – Jonathan Joss
Kish-Kao-Ko/Chichuahua – Patrice Martinez (Maria Vargas)
Heather – Katy Maróthy
Fred – Erwin Leder
Crow Chief – Paco Fuentes
Gunman – Bernhard Bettermann
Erika Hanson – Cornelia Corba
Assiniboin – Edy Barber
Sven – Nikolaus Gröbe
Quakers – Detlef Bothe, Martin Dutrop, Sylvie Nogler
With: Carlos Lucas (Carlos Ampuero), Diego Jiminez Flores
Stunt coordinator: Ricardo Cruz

Winnetou has survived and now lives in the hills. He doesn't want to see other people, but when a group of settlers and a befriended tribe of Indians are threatened by some bandits, he comes to help.

Winnetou’s Return is a two-part television production. It was inspired by the books of Karl May and produced in 1998 for the German ZDF television network  with Pierre Brice in the title role.

The first part and the second part can be regarded as independent films because, although the second part is based on the first, but the plot is designed so that they can understand even without the first part.

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