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Who Are Those Gals? - Carla Brait

Carla Brait was born in Innsbruck, Austria on September 1, 1950. She was is an Italian actress, dancer and showgirl who was active in films and television in the 1960s-1990s.  The daughter of Austrian father and Italian mother, Carla Brait grew up in Bolzano, and as a young girl was dedicated to dance.  She debuted in film in 1968 in the spaghetti western of Osvaldo Civirani “Dead for a Dollar”. In 1971 she is a member of the cast along with Enzo Cerusico, Judith Saltarini and Luisa De Santis on the TV series ‘Su di giri - su testi, fra gli altri’, along with Giancarlo Guardabassi, directed by Lino Procacci and broadcast by Italy’s Rai.

In 1975, along with singer Gianni Nazzaro, Pippo Baudo, Lino Banfi and Solvi Stubing, roams the cities of Italy in a traveling show, entitled Alle nove sotto casa, directed by Giancarlo Nicotra. In 1976 she is among the interpreters of the film by Adriano Celentano “Yuppi du”. Carla was often seen as a character acrtess or as a dancer in genre films: musicals, spaghetti westerns, horror movies, Italian erotic comedy, and crime.

Among her most famous films Giallos “The Case of the Bloody Iris” (1972) by Giuliano Carnimeo , “Bodies Show Signs of Rape” (1973) by Sergio Martino and the erotic comedy “The Black Maid” (1976) of Mario Bianchi.  In 2000 she appeared in a few episodes of the miniseries  ‘Linda e il brigadiere’.

Carla later retired from film and opened up a dance school.

BRAIT, Carla (aka Moune Duvivier) [9/1/1950, Innsbruck, Austria -     ] – showgirl, dancer, film, TV actress.
Dead for a Dollar - 1968 (Patsy/Betsy)
Blindman - 1971 (maid)

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