Monday, December 14, 2015

Zorro Generation Z (TV)

Zorro Generation Z – English title

A 2006 British television production [BKN New Media, G7 Animation, Pangea Corporation
Producer: Rick Unger, Stuart Evans
Director: Chris Evans, Stuart Evans
Story: “Zorro” by Johnston McCulley
Teleplay: Lee Cohen, Sean Catherine Derek, Steven Darancette
Animation: Vic Santiago [color]
Music: Allen Bohbot
Running time: 26 episodes x 22 minutes

Diego Dela Vega/Zorro, Alejandro Dela Vega, Gustavo Dela Vega/Zorro, Alejandro’s grandmother, Bernardo, Maria Martinez/The Scarlet Whip, Mayor Horace Martinez, Sergeant Garcia, The Dons,Mrs. McAlistair, Alfred Catalano, Fearsome Four, Augusto Catalano, Gloria Sheffield, The Dons

In 2015, teenager Diego Dela Vega, the five times great-grandson of the first Zorro, in turn wears the mask, with a black suit, weapons, and signs the "Z" to establish justice in the metropolis of Pueblo Grande, California.

Zorro: Generation Z was an animated series that began in 2006. Former Marvel Studios development executive, Rick Ungar, developed the original series in association with BKN, G7 Animation and Pangea Corporation.

The second season of 26 episodes of the series was announced in 2009, entitled Zorro Generation Z: HD but were not fully completed or released for broadcast. BKN shortly thereafter filed for insolvency in the middle of 2009 and was acquired by Cookie Jar Entertainment in 2010.

Episode list: 1) A New Generation Part I, 2) A New Generation Part II, 3) The Fearsome Four, 4) Sins Of The Father, 5) Mayor For A Day, 6) Wanted: Part Time Hero, 7) The Perfect Fox Hunt, 8) Hostile Takeover, 9) The Underground, 10) Masquerade, 11) Double Date, 12 That Old School Spirit, 13) "Don Payaso", 14) The Earthquake Machine, 15) A 'Z' In Time, 16) Crush or Be Crushed, 17) The Wounded Fox, 18) Persona Non Grata, 19) Diego's Cousin, 20) Crime Wave, 21) Z-Virus, 22) Mad About You, 23) The Rival, 24) The Golden Dragon, 25) The New Arrivals, 26) Poll Axed

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