Saturday, December 26, 2015

Blood from Hell (TV)

Blood from Hell – English title

A 2015 Italian television production [ED Movie Directors (Rome)]
Producer: Danilo Di Paolantonio, Emiliano Ferrera
Director: Emiliano Ferrera
Story: Emiliano Ferrera
Screenplay: Emiliano Ferrera
Cinematography: Danilo Di Paolantonio [Sepiatone]
Music: Daniele Mantarro
Running time:24 minutes


Petra - Yassmin Pucci
Joe - Emiliano Ferrera
Amos - Alessandro Maria Ostili
Sheriff McNally – Antonio Rocco
Hagan - Lorenzo Tiritera
Stella - Rosella Caruso
Sam - Robin Lawley
Bill - Marco Fanciulli
Foreman - Fernando Di Virgilio
Frank – Fernando Stark Angelini
Vampire woman - Laura Giuliani
Deputy – Emiliano Fioravanti
Corpse - Giuseppe Lubrano Lavadera
Master of arms: Benedetto Di Mauro, Marco Fanciulli
Stunt coordinators: Angelo Allegretti, Roberta Angiolillo

This made for television vampire western pilot is about a gunman who saves a woman from hanging and the pair set off for Mexico with vampire hunters and a sheriff in pursuit. Seems the woman is a prostitute and killed one of her clients.

This TV series was recently completed and will be shown on Italian TV in 2016.

See Blood from Hell Facebook page for pilot episode:   

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