Friday, December 18, 2015

Zorro The Legend Continues

Zorro the Legend Continues – English title

A 1987 French, U.S.A.  German, British co-production Ellipse Animation (Parus), Goodman/
    Rosen Productions, New World Television, Zorro Productions (Hollywood), Degeto Film
Producers: Gary Goodman, Barry Rosen
Director: Richard Sarafian
Story: based on the characters created by Johnston McCulley
Teleplay: Dan Gordon, Michael Halperin, Adam Taylor
Photography: Michel Cénet [color]
Music: Jay Asher
Running time: 22 minutes

Don Antonio de la Cruz/Zorro - Patrick James
Doña Maria Costanza Arellaga – Patrice Martinez
Alcalde - Val De Vargas
Felipe - Pedro Losada
Friar Estaban - J. Luis Mendoza
Sergeant - Fernando Hilbeck
Don Arellaga - Dennis Vaughn
Sword Master – Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)

While studying in Spain, Don Antonio de la Cruz is asked to return to his native California by his ailing father. Upon his arrival, he discovers the Alcalde is ruling the province as a tyrant and his soldiers murder anyone who dares to challenge his authority. The people's only hope is the legendary hero, Zorro aka Don Diego de la Vega, whom Don Antonio finds mortally wounded after rescuing innocent men from the Alcalde's firing squad. Zorro/Don Diego urges Don Antonio to assume his secret identity and rally the Californians to fight the iron-fisted rule of the government. Don Antonio is also bethrothed to the wealthy señorita, Doña Maria Costanza Arellaga, in which they do not get along but their romance is hinted when Don Antonio assumes the role of Zorro.

This is an alternate pilot to the Duncan Regehr Zorro TV series. Patrice Martinez plays a wealthy señorita named Maria who bears the title of Doña. Patrick James portrays Don Antonio who becomes the successor to Don Diego as Zorro. Felipe also can speak and hear. The pilot was filmed in Almeria, Spain.

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