Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Wolfer (TV)

Die Rache des Wolfsjägers  – German title
The Wolfer - Die Rache des Wolfsjägers – German title
Der Schweiz – German title
The Wolfer – English title

A 1975/1979 Swiss television production [Working Cowboy (Helsinki)]
Producer: Angelo Burri
Director: Angelo Burri
Story: Angelo Burri, Sonja Burri
Teleplay: Angelo Burri, Sonja Burri
Photography: Theo Fischer, John R. Schnurrenberger, Angelo Burri, Sonja Burri, Peter Germann
Music: Angelo Burri, Herie Hoffmann, The Apaches
Running time: 75/114 minutes

Big Angy/Wolfer - Angelo Burri
Mountain Flower - Esther Cueni
Joseph Nellen, Noldi Küchler, Toni Küchler, Peter Baumgartner, Adi Fischer, Germaine Ottiger, Rolf Ottiger, Peter Hummel, Bruno Imoos, Werner Pfafli

Dakota Territory, Winter 1877/78. Big Angy is a wolf trapper, with the nickname Wolfer. He is a good friend of the Oglala-Indians. He has long promised to marry the squaw Mountain Flower, who shares his life in his hut. When two cowboys rape and kill Mountain Flower, Angy swears to take revenge. He follows them through a cold winter landscape and on his way meets a wide variety of westerners. Finally he finds the scoundrels in a small settlement. But because he is a nice guy, he obliges to the saloon-owner’s request not to raise any trouble and doesn’t immediately confront them. Eventually he faces the cowboys in a show down, enraging the saloon-owner, who believes that the cowboys could have shown him the way to a goldmine.

This rare film was shown on Swiss television sometime in 1982, but was never released on video or DVD. A longer version with added footage was re-released in 1979 at 114 minutes.

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