Thursday, January 5, 2023

Rudy Acosta in the newspapers – Part 5


The Miami Herald

By Miller Davis



Is Miss Mexico Just Sweet 16?


     Miss Mexico was accused Tuesday of being only sweet 16 – and entering the Miss Universe beauty pageant with a forged birth certificate.

     The director of the Mexico City Civil Register, Antonion Flores Parkman, brought the charge against pretty sloe-eyed Jeanine Acosta.

     He said the slender brunette – daughter of popular Mexican movie star, Rodolfo Acosta – has won the Miss Mexico title by claiming on the fraudulent certificate that he birthday was June 29, 1947.

     Actually, charged Flores it was exactly two years later – June 29, 1949

     He asked the district attorney’s office in Mexico City to indict Miss Acosta’s mother for obtaining a false birth certificate.

     Jeanine rehearsed with other girls Tuesday afternoon on the stage of the Miami Beach Convention Hall.

     She replied sharply when asked about her age: “I am 18. That is that.”

     Flores said Mrs. Acosta and three companions lied to the Civil Registry office to win the certificate and that Jeanine was really 15 when the Miss Mexico contest began.

     He said she turned 16 less than three weeks ago.

     Miss Universe officials said Tuesday evening they were not immediately able to determine if the charge were true. They based her entry certificate on her passport. This in turn would be based on the birth certificate.

     The minimum age for the contest is 18.

     The Miss USA-Universe competition has been plagued this year with problems – a contestant from Delaware turned out to be an ex-Mrs., and not a Miss.

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