Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Rudy Acosta in the newspapers – Part 3


The Independent



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     Adultery charges she brought against actress Ann Sheridan and movie villain Rodolfo Acosta Perez boomeranged Friday against Acosta’s estranged wife.

     JEANINE COHEN de Acosta, 34, a naïve of Casablanca, has refused to give Acosta a divorce because of their two daughters.

     BUT ACOSTA’S lawyers said that under the civil code she must consent to a divorce because of the charges she herself filed. Under the code, the lawyers said, divorce is mandatory if either party is accused of a crime whose sentence is two years or more. Adultery in Mexico is a criminal offense.

     CHARGES filed by Mrs. Acosta two months ago accused Acosta of adultery and threats to kill. The Adultery involved Ann Sheridan and the threats to kill her were made when eh refused Acosta a divorce, she said. Mrs. Acosta asserted her husband and the actress were living together in an apartment in Mexico City.

       MISS SHERIDAN was required to appear in court within a certain period, and when she did not, the district attorney’s office on Dec. 12 issued a warrant for her arrest to answer the adultery charge. She has not appeared and has returned to the United States.

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