Saturday, February 9, 2019

Who Are Those Composers? Vassil Kojucharov

Vasco Vassil Kojucharov was  born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1937. Vasco as he was usually valled and credited graduated with honors in conducting and composition from the Bulgarian State Conservatory. From 1961 to 1963 he studied composition with Aram Khachaturian in Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. and then moved to Italy. Kojucharov worked as an assistant and occasional orchestrator for Frederico Fellini’s famous composer Nino Rota. He made a name for himself as a composer of numerous film scores, suites, chamber pieces and ballets. In the 1980s he founded in Rome the Orchestra ‘Sinfonica S. Carlino alle Quattro Fontane’. With his orchestra he performed in hundreds of concerts throughout Italy. He was also a musical tutor and received such prestigious awards such as the “Accademico Tiberino”, the “Cavaliere di Malta” and the “Accademico Benemerito” of the Accademia Franco Ferrara. As a composer for Spaghetti Westerns Vasili Kojucharov formed a musical team with fellow composer Elsio Mancuso under the name Vasco & Mancuso.

Claudio Fuiano of BEAT Records recently posted on Facebook that Vassili passed away sometime in the last few years but I have been able to pin down a specific date or place of death.

KOJUCHAROV, Vassili (aka Mc Vassil Kojucharov, V. Kojucharov, Vasil Kojucharov, Vassili Kojucharov, Maestro Vasco, Vasco) (Vasco Vassil Tomov Kojucharov) [1937, Sofia, Bulgaria – 201?] – composer, conductor, member of the composing team ‘Vasco & Mancuso’, founded theSinfonica S. Carlino alle Quattro Fontane’, he was awarded a ‘Knight of Malta’
God Will Forgive My Pistol – 1966, 1969 (co) [as Vasco]
No Graves on Boot Hill – 1968 (co) [as Vasco]
One by One – 1968 (co) [as Vasco]
No Room to Die – 1969 (co) [as Vasco]
Sartana the Gravedigger* - 1969 (co) [as Vasco]
Wanted Sabata – 1970
A Cry of Death – 1971 [as V. Kojucharov]
Django…Adios! – 1971
Django’s Cut Rate Corpses – 1971
Joe Dakota – 1971 (co) [as Vasco]
A Bounty Killer for Trinity – 1972
God is My Colt .45 – 1972

*indicates score is available on CD

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