Friday, February 15, 2019

50th Anniversary of Shadow of Sartana…Shadow of Death

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the release of “Passa Sartana… e l'ombra della tua morte” (Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of Death), directed by Demofilo Fidani as Sean O’Neal and starring Jeff Cameron. The town of Silver City is being terrorized by the Randall brothers and their henchmen. The old sheriff is unable to do anything about it, so one of his deputies, proposes to hire Sartana. The famous gunslinger has a price of $12,000 on his head, but he's known as an honorable man who stands for justice. Sartana accepts the job in exchange for the removal of the bounty on his head and exterminates the gang. The film was made in six days and with no budget or story. Fidani promised to pay the actors and crew after the film was completed and released. The films is basically a display of stunts performed by the stuntmen hired (?) as actors.

Passa Sartana… e l'ombra della tua morte – Italian title
Llego Sartana... la sombra de tu muerte – Argentinian title
Schaduw van Sartana – Dutch title
El Sartana l’ombre de la mort – French title
Sartana – Im Schatten des Todes – German title
Oi deka katazitoumenoi – Greek title
Sartana Contra Todos – Portuguese title
Sartana kuoleman varjo – Swedish title
Meet the Sign of the Cross – English title
Sartana and His Shadow of Death – English title
Shadow of Sartana… Shadow of Death – English title

A 1968 Italian production [Tarquinia Film (Rome)]
Producers: Maria Rosa Valenza, Dennis Ford (Demofilo Fidani)
Director: Sean O’Neil (Demofilo Fidani)
Story: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Screenplay: Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Cinematography: Franco Villa, Aristide Massaccei [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Coriolano Gori
Running time: 88 minutes

Sartana – Jeff Cameron (Goffredo Scarciofolo)
Burt ‘Baby Face’ Randall – Dennis Colt (Benito Pacifico)
Sheriff Logan – Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)
Benny Randall – Frank Fargas (Paolo Figlia)
Mayor – Miles Deem (Demofilo Fidani)
Trudy – Simone Blondell (Simonetta Vitelli)
Britt – Elisabetta Fanti
Barman – Fulvio Pellegrino
Girl eating with Sartana - Franca Licastro
Robbery victim – Mariella Palmich
Scared woman - Lina Franchi
Randall henchmen – Luciano Conti, Amerigo Castighella, Michele Branca


  1. and Lina Franchi as a scared woman

  2. Hi Fatman nice to hear from you. I've added her to the cast list. Gracias amigo.