Monday, February 25, 2019

Miss Harper & Co.

Miss Harper & Co – British title

A 2018 British film production [Halite Productions (London)]
Producer: Rock Salt
Story: Rock Salt
Screenplay: Rock Salt
Cinematography: [color]
Running time:

Story: The once peaceful and happy town of Hope has fallen. After tragically losing his baby daughter, the French Sheriff Daniel Renoir, turns to the bottle. And as he drinks himself almost to death his wife cannot bear the pain any longer and leaves. Extreme violence becomes the norm. Rival gangs compete with each other and the innocent find themselves in their way. The undertaker has never been busier. Sheriff Dan is mocked for his incapacity to deal with the situation. The town folk are in a desperate struggle to survive. No amount of pleading can seem to tear the Sheriff away from his bottle. The town of Hope becomes a cesspit for depravity and death. Even the deputy has to surrender to the evil Mr Purdy when his beloved wife Isabel goes missing. After many months away Mrs Renoir suddenly returns under her maiden name Miss Harper. She carries with her a strange folder that was sent by an unknown source. In it contains details she wished she did not have to read. As she arrives in town ...

Jones - Cristian Saliadarre

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