Monday, February 25, 2019

European Western Comic Books ~ Furia Apache

Furia Apache
(Apache Fury)

This comic book series is first presented in GIUDICE BEAN (Judge Bean) by Sergio Bonelli (Guido Nolitta) and Sergio Tarquinio. In the appendix to #1/3 "The Secret Valley" and #4/5 "Operation K.O.". The last pages of each book are dedicated to the "Peoples of the Wild West", a series of illustrations with captions. The series continues with the headline IL PICCOLO RANGER, announced as next #6 but which, in reality, takes the numbering from #1.

The comic book series was published in 1963 beginning with #1 in June and ending with #5 in October. It was published by Edizioni Araldo in Milan, Italy under the direction of Sergio Bonelli on a monthly basis. Each issue contained 96 pages and was in black and white with color covers.

01 (00.06.63) - "Apache Furia" (Apache Fury)
02 (00.07.63) - ""L'ombra del passato" (The Shadow of the Past)
03 (00.08.63) - "Rio Bravo" (Rio Bravo)
04 (00.09.63) - ""Aquila Nera" (Black Eagle)
05 (00.10.63) - "Arizona!" (Arizona!)

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