Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Karl May exhibition in Holthausen: collector reveals backgrounds

Sauerland Kurier

Holthausen. The Museum Holthausen is currently showing the exhibition "Wild West and the Far East - In the Footsteps of Karl May". On display are original editions of the famous book series, illustrated works, movie posters, postal and travel maps, which help to understand the routes in the novels.

Furthermore, familiar scenes of his stories with characters are recreated. Of course, teepee, Indian jewelry and leather jacket can be seen. All objects are from the collection of Siegfried Israel. For the collector from East-Westphalian Schnathorst, Karl May has become a life-content and for many decades he has collected hundreds of objects about Winnetou and Old Shatterhand.

In a guided tour starting at 2 pm on Sunday, 20 January, 67-year-old Siegfried Israel tells how he was fascinated by Karl May's life in his youth and why he values ​​Karl May so much where he picks up his collectibles and which stories connect with them.

Siegfried Israel enjoyed collecting as a child. It started with stamps, the cover pictures of matchboxes and colorful orange paper. Since he was ten, he devours Karl May books. "I borrowed it from the library back then." The adventure had fascinated him. That's why he stayed with Karl May. "I was able to immerse myself in reading the books into another world where only I could go and thus escape the real world." The writer made it easy for the reading friend Israel. May was one of the most prolific authors of adventure novels and the worldwide circulation of his works is estimated at 200 million. Those who have not read the works may have been to the Karl May Festival, have seen the films of Winnetou or played with characters of his books. The range is large, which can be seen in the Museum Holthausen.

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