Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Spaghetti Western Locations ~ Finca El Romeral (San Jose)

The rural ranch complex is dominated by the elegant manor house of this agricultural estate in a suggestive position in the hills of the Valle de los Genoveses about four kilometers west of San Jose and two kilometers north of the Playa de los Genoveses was used as a set in "A Pistol for Ringo" (1965) (it has a central role in this film, as the hacienda by Major Clyde / Antonio Casas); "Johnny Yuma" (1966); “A Bullet for the General” (1966) (the hacienda of Don Felipe / Andrea Cheechi); “The Long Days of Revenge” (1967); “The Big Gundown” (1967); I Want Him Dead” (1968); "Tepeppa" (Blood and Guns) (1969); "Catlow" (1970): "Silver Saddle" (1978); and in the television series "The Queen of Swords" (2001).

Also as part of this complex are other structures of the valley of the los Genoveses which in turn were used as film sets: such as a) the windmill (Los collados) located at the beginning of the valley itself (has an important role, in a strategic function , in the film "A Pistol for Ringo", 1965, as the basis of the posse of the sheriff / George Martin, to block the bandits who, led by Fernando Sancho, have occupied the hacienda of Don Felipe); b) the rustic buildings of Las chiqueras (which appear for example in Catlow, 1971, and in the comedy Honolulu Baby, 2001, by Maurizio Nichetti); c) Finca los Genoveses; d) Cortijo de Monsul.


“A Pistol for Ringo” (1965)

“Johnny Yuma” (1966)

“The Big Gundown” (1967)

“I Want Him Dead” (1968)

“Catlow” (1970)

“Queen of Swords” (2001)

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