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Who Are Those Guys ~ Xan das Bolas


Tomás Ares Pena was born in La Coruña, Galicia Spain on October 30, 1908. He was the son of Tomás Ares Alonso [1883-1962], by profession an industrialist, and Ángela Pena Valiño [1888-1938]. He began his acting career in the theater in the 1930s as a comedian and variety actor. After the Spanish Civil War, he began his film career beginning with with “Salomé” (1940).

In the following years he became one of the secondary actors with the longest career in the history of Spanish cinema. His filmography exceeds two hundred and forty titles, and he worked under the direction of some of the most distinguished national filmmakers such as Florián Rey, Luis Lucía, José Luis Sáenz de Heredia, Juan de Orduña, Luis García Berlanga or Juan Antonio Bardem.

On television he worked on the series ‘Crónicas de un pueblo’ and co-starred with Fernando Fernán Gómez in ‘El pícaro’ (1974).

Bolas appeared in 30 European westerns beginning with a role as a beggar in 1954’s “The Coyote” and ending 20 years later as Sam in “Spaghetti Western”.

Xan das Bolas was married to artist Lina Chiverto [1905-19??] (193?-1977)and was the father of  three children. He died on October 13, 1977, in the Clinical Hospital of Madrid.

das BOLAS, Xan (aka Fernando Tomás Ares, Tomas Ares, Tomás Ares, Xan D'as Bolas, Xan Das Bolas, Xan dax Bolas, Xandas Bolas, Xan-Das-Bolas, Xan de Bolas) (Tomás Ares Pena) [10/30/1908, La Coruña, Galicia, Spain – 10/13/1977, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – theater, film, TV actor, married to artist Lina Chiverto [1905-19??] (193?-1977) father of  three children.

The Coyote – 1954 (beggar)

Three Were Three - 1954

Savage Guns – 1961 (Pedro)

Shadow of Zorro – 1962 (John)

The Sign of Zorro – 1962 (Mexican)

The Terrible Sheriff – 1962 (wagonloader)

Welcome Padre Murray – 1962 (Lopez)

Torrejón City – 1962 (Hawkeye)

Zorro the Avenger – 1962 (soldiers)

Gunfight at Red Sands – 1963 (barber)

Gunfighters of Casa Grande – 1963 (Vasco)

Heroes of the West – 1963 (doctor)

The Implacable Three – 1963 (postmaster)

Relevo para un pistolero – 1963 (hotel desk clerk)

Shoot to Kill – 1963 (Pedro)

Cavalry Charge – 1964 (settler)

Gunmen of the Rio Grande – 1964 (Mexican peon)

In a Colt’s Shadow – 1965 (doctor)

7 Guns for the Mac Gregors – 1965 (barman)

Clint the Stranger – 1967 (Simpson)

Two Crosses at Danger Pass – 1967 (bartender)

Villa Rides! – 1967 (telegrapher)

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester – 1968 (Hoagie)

One by One – 1968 (Ben)

Death on High Mountain – 1969 (saloon waiter)

Garringo – 1969 (Potter)

A Talent for Loving – 1969 (Molina soldier)

Cut-Throats Nine – 1970 (Buddy)

Sabata the Killer – 1970 (telegrapher)

Spaghetti Western – 1974 (Sam)

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