Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Petticoat Planet


Petticoat Planet – International title


Rápida no Gatilho – Brazilian title

Неукротимые амазонки – Russian title

El planeta de los sentidos – Spanish title

Denim and Lace 2000 – U.S.A. title

High Noon on Makeout Planet – U.S.A. title

Petticoat Planet – U.S.A. titrl


A 1996 Romainian, U.S.A. film co-production [Castel Film Romania (Buvharest), Full

     Moon Entertainment, Torchlight Entertainment (Hollywood)]

Producer: David DeCoteau, Charles Band, Oana Paunescu, Vlad Paunescu, Gabi Antal

Director: David DeCoteau

Story: Matthew Jason Walsh

Screenplay: Matthew Jason Walsh

Cinematography: Viorel Sergovici [color]

Music: Reg Powell

Running time: 78 minutes



Della Westwood - Elizabeth Kaitan

Steve Rogers – Troy Vincent

Sheriff Sarah Parker - Leslie Kay Sterling (Lesli Kay)

Lily – Betsy Lynn George

Stunt coordinator: Ion Albu (Ioan Albu)

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  1. Are you even allowed to tell people the story of this film or do we have to keep guessing? Oh, never mind.