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European Western Comic Books - Albo d'Oro Western American Magazine


Albo d'Oro Western American Magazine

This comic book series consisted of only two albums with "The Devil of the Prairie" (BIG BILL) by Raffaele Paparella and "I dominatori dell'abisso" by Antonio Canale. The stories had previously appeared in the weekly Cow Boy. They were presented under various names: American Magazine, Far West, Western Magazine, Albi Western and Albo d'Oro Western.

The series was published in 1946 by Far West Edition and the two issues were released in November 1946 and January 1947. They contained 16 black and white pages with color covers.  



1 (00.11.46) - "Il diavolo della prateria" (The Prairie Devil)

2 (00.01.47) - "I dominatori dell'abisso" (The Rulers of the Abyss)

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