Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Little Known Spaghetti Western Actors ~ Solveig Andersson

 [These daily posts will cover little known actors or people that have appeared in more recent films and TV series. Various degrees of information that I was able to find will be given and anything that you can add would be appreciated.]

Solveig-Kristina Carlson is a Swedish film and television actress who was born on August 27, 1947, in Vetlanda, Jönköpings län, Sweden. Her much younger sister is clothes designer Maria Erixon Levin [1963- ]. Solveig first appeared in an episode of the television series ‘Klart spår till Tomteboda’ in 1968. This led to a film career beginning the following year that encompassed 15 films ending in 2014. She is also a theater actress and poet. Her lone Euro-western came in 1975 where she played the role of Kat in “I död mans spar” (Dead Man’s Trail) starring Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt [1921-1992].

ANDERSSON, Solveig (aka Sorubei Andâshon Solveig Ansersson-Carlson) (Solveig-Kristina Carlson) [8/27/1947, Vetlanda, Jönköpings län, Sweden -     ] – poet, theater, film, TV actress, sister of clothes designer Maria Erixon Levin [1963-    ].

Dead Man’s Trail – 1975 (Kate)

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  1. If she was born in August of 1947, then that means she is still 75. That's what we know so far.